Friday, 22 January 2016

Writing vs. The Holiday Festivities Guest Post

Hey Everyone

Along with doing Author Interviews and trying to balance my day job with my writing, I completed a Guest Post at Christmas, which discussing the issues self-published authors face over the festive period.

Although it discusses the Christmas holidays, it can apply to all holidays and outlines my difficulties with trying to remain focused on writing, helpful hints and tips on trying to stay organised, getting creative and using the holidays as inspiration for your stories, plus much more!

It was very trying to ignore the egg nog, and sweet treats, when trying to write the next chapter of my latest book but it is possible (even for someone with such little willpower as myself when it comes to becoming distracted by all unhealthy delights! lol) and I have found some easy ways to do it.

I would like to thank April on the Between the Pages Blog for giving me the opportunity to discuss this topic and I hope to work with her further in the future.

Happy Reading!

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