Thursday, 14 January 2016

Busy Work Week Vs. Writing and Daft Punk Anime Vids!

Hello, my magical friends!

My week has been a little hectic with the demands from my day job, catching up on my emails and sorting out the video editing software I bought for myself at Christmas.

I'm looking forward to trying it out at the weekend because I can't wait to redo my trailers!

I'm hoping to hibernate this weekend and just solely focus on Split Blood 3 and maybe a little more on my FREE Wattpad (@FantasyFairy) Teen Fiction story, Love Bite.

Throughout the week, I have been noting down some ideas for Split Blood 3 on my mobile phone and have been heavily influenced by some of the songs I have been listening to.

I absolutely love this song and it has inspired me to create an unexpected romance between two sub characters (I'm still unsure which direction to take them in but I'm sure I'll be inspired further when they interact with other characters and their circle's demands take their toll):

I am a massive fan of Daft Punk and can also credit them for helping me create a number of story lines and characters in my books.

I think they are such a creative group and I am a fan of electronic music.

I love this video because not only is it Anime styled but also the words are so beautiful and it has a fantasy feel about it,which ticks all my musical and visual needs!

Well, on that note, I will try to do a little more writing on Love Bite and will leave Split Blood 3 until the weekend.

Happy reading guys! :-)

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