Saturday, 16 January 2016

Love Bite | FREE Anime Inspired Paranormal Teen Fiction Wattpad Story Update!

Hi, my magical friends!

OK, so I had a lovely lie in this Saturday morning because it is so cold in the UK and I really wish someone would invite that magical bed that you could do all your business from! Lol

I have written seven chapters so far of my FREE Wattpad story, Love Bite (I will be posting Chapter 7 later tonight) and I'm really enjoying developing Luci's character as she is kidnapped and dragged into a deadly realm with spoilt vampire, Tynan and his troll slave.

There are a few shocks and surprises to come as it is not your usual human kidnapping story and the reader gets to find out more about this new world of darkness and how similar the realm is to the human world, just with a sinister, bloody edge.

You will also find out why Luci is so important to Tynan's father and how much danger she really is in as she delves deeper into this dangerous dimension.

I am hoping you guys will enjoy the direction am taking the story in and please VOTE and COMMENT to support me on my first attempt at writing a primarily Teen Fiction story (even though there is still a heavily predominant paranormal theme to it - I had to stay true to my fantasy roots! Lol).

For more information and to read, Love Bite, Click Here!

Also, check out the Anime images I have posted on each chapter to enhance the readers experience.

Happy reading guys! :-)

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