Saturday, 2 January 2016

New Wattpad Teen Fiction Paranormal Story!

Hey Wattpaders!

It has been a while but I have been trying to check my Wattpad account, when I get the chance, and have seen some amazing stories that I will be adding to my reading list shortly.

I absolutely love Wattpad because there are so many amazing writers on there and the communities and clubs have really helped me with ideas, curing my writers block and getting to know a vast array of readers and writers from all around the globe!

I have got the writing bug again and have set myself a crazy challenge (I have no idea why I would put this pressure on myself but let's see how it goes?! lol) - I have decided to try and write a teen fiction paranormal story, to launch exclusively on Wattpad, to be completed by the end of January.

I have already started writing it and have set the scene for the main female lead but I have so many ideas that I am just in the process of trying to cut them down so I don't overload the reader with my wacky dark fantasy storyline.

I will be posting the first part on Wattpad tomorrow, so stay tuned and let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment on the story and if you like it, please support me by voting for it because the more comments and votes a story gets, the more attention it will receive from Wattpad and the further up the search page it will go to attract more potential readers.

I am still writing Split Blood 3 but will be taking a break to complete this challenge. Split Blood 3 will still be published on Amazon and Smashwords in April.

So, if you like a Teen Fiction story with a little dark fantasy edge, which will transport the reader from the human world to a fantasy world of vampires, lust, a dark hidden secret and an age old war between mythical beings to stop the extinction of earth, then this could be for you...

Happy reading my Magical Wattpad Friends!

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