Saturday, 3 October 2015

Split Blood 3

Hello my Mythical Friends,

Well I have been away for a few months trying to clear my Writer's Block (with lots of naughty unhealthy food, which is forbidden on my healthy new diet, and watching new horrors - I especially cannot wait for one of my favourite director's (Guillermo del Toro) film, 'Crimson Peak') and seem to have some success as I am now working on the third novel in the Split Blood YA Urban Fantasy series.

You can expect a lot more information on the following:

  • Witch Faith and her family
  • Faith's sister, Raven and her quest to find her family
  • New mythical characters
  • More about the Elders and the Underworld set up
  • The importance of the Ancient Codex
  • And much more...

I am enjoying writing this book but if I can control my imagination and stop editing it, it will hopefully be published before the end of the year!

So stay tuned and check out the website for new fun YA Fantasy features and on here for up-to-date information on all new works by myself, Louise Herman.