Sunday, 27 January 2013

Slight Delay on the Novella Trilogy...

Hello everyone,

Apologies but I have had to delay the release of the Split Blood Novella Trilogy Prequel by two weeks.

I want the books to perfectly represent the years before the 1980s where the first Split Blood novel starts from.

I also want to make sure that each book (although part of a trilogy) stands out by itself, ensuring that my readers get a taste of all aspects of the, 'Aliis World' and the characters within it.

Unlike the Split Blood series, the Novella Trilogy has not been designed to fit into the Young Adult Genre as I wanted to make it more of a Fantasy Romance Trilogy, as the Split Blood series is designed to appeal to YA fans, so if you are looking for strange, mythical fantasy creatures and environments, magical action, paranormal romance scenes and whitty, strong characters then this Novella Trilogy is for you.

However, if you are looking for a sexy, romantic, fierce YA Paranormal novel with werewolves, vampires, witches and fairies battling their circles rules, and their own inner turmoil, then the Split Blood series is for you!

Hope you enjoy both! :)


Saturday, 5 January 2013

The Split Blood Novella Prequel Trilogy!

The Split Blood Novella Prequel Trilogy is nearly ready to be published (by the end of January 2013), with the first book FREE!

This novella prequel will give readers the opportunity to delve further into the Aliis World and find out what life was like for the parents, of the Split Blood characters, along with introduce the Split Blood characters as toddlers.

You get an insight into why mythical beings are not allowed to mix, you understand some of the Split Blood characters personalities in more detail and you are introduced to one or two new characters who will be revealed in future books in the series.

With action, magical mystery and fantasy...this novella trilogy will keep you're taste buds tingling until the second Split Blood novel and help you dive deeper into the Aliis World.

These books will be available on:

1. and

2. Smashwords

3. Wattpad - For book one of the novella trilogy only

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