Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Orcus Games: New Awakening is Now Published!

You can run but you can’t hide…

Escaping The Orcus Games, each of the fugitive’s dreams of a happy reunion with loved ones are short lived as they each find out there is a bounty on each of their lives.

Ardan finally accepts his new life as a vampire and enlists the help of Cathal, the vampire leader of the district, to help him make a proposal to the Elders so he can live…but what ulterior motives does Cathal have?

Heather and Phoenix return to their coven, only to find they have moved. After much searching, they find their circle and are reunited with their daughters. They beg their coven to hide them but why is the Grand Witch so reluctant to agree with the plan?

And with Mistress V agreeing to marry Cathal, have the damned foursome finally found peace and safety? Or is there one more ‘hurricane’ coming to destroy all they hold dear?

The last book in the prequel to the, ‘Split Blood’ series, this novella is an enticing end to a tantalising fantasy trilogy…The Orcus Games: New Awakening gives you the electrifying conclusion, with a seductive surprise, to keep your blood flowing for another possible bite…

Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Orcus Games: Mistress V is now Published!!!

The Underworld as no fury like Mistress V scorned...

Mistress V had it all…looks, power within the vampire clan and men at her disposal but she wanted more.

She wanted Ardan, to be precise.

He was unlike any other vampire she had turned before and she wanted him, needed him and was determined to do anything to get him…

Frustrated by his lack of interest and constant rejection, Mistress V is dealt another blow as Ardan is accused of a crime and is thrown into The Orcus Games, leaving her to watch her obsession fight for his life, whilst witnessing a second by second account of his budding friendship with fellow vampire contestant, Luan.

Unable to admit defeat, Mistress V plots and plans ways of getting to her man before it was too late but with every minute he is in the show, he grows closer to Luan, enraging Mistress V, leaving her to become more erratic and mentally disturbed, which has disastrous results…

The second book in the prequel to the, ‘Split Blood’ series, this novella is a deliciously dark tale of power, lust and obsession…The Orcus Games: Mistress V will leave you licking your lips, thirsty for more…

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Change of Heart? The Split Blood Prequel Novella Trilogy is here!

OK, so the plan was to publish all the Novella's at the same time, however I have changed my mind and decided to publish each novella a few days apart so...

...Here is the first novella in the Trilogy...


Guilty until you survive all zones…The Orcus Games is ready to put you on trial…

In the Underworld, magical beings are forced to fight through four horrifically terrifying zones to be one of the three contestants to get to the, ‘River of Mortuus’, in order to win the star prize…survival in The Orcus Games dungeon for eternity.

Quickly realising that they could get further if they worked together, witch and wizard couple, Heather and Phoenix form an alliance with vampires, Ardan and Luan, along with rogue werewolf, Caleb.

But what happens when a surprise addition enters the group? What is she hiding? And what does she have in common with Caleb?

The Prequel to the, ‘Split Blood’ series, this novella is a mind-blowing magical tale of belonging, sacrifice and revenge…The Orcus Games: Blood Moon will drag you, kicking and screaming, on this deadly journey with the ill-fated prisoners.

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