Saturday, 2 January 2016

Teen Fiction Wattpad Story | Love Bite

Hello Fellow Wattpaders!

The time has come for me to announce my new Teen Fiction Wattpad Story, Love Bite!

Each week I will post one or two chapters with the aim to complete the story by the end of January in my New Year's writing challenge.


Lucia has reluctantly moved to the rural town of Umbra, in the English countryside, to live with her absent father, after she found her aunt Sofiya in the alley, at the side of their London home, bloody and bitten. 

Struggling to cope with village life, an overprotective father, a new prim and proper stepmother and her 'Mean Girl's step sister, the fifteen year old vows to runaway back to London, to look after her auntie, on her first day in the small town. 

But what happens when she meets mysterious, geeky neighbour, Damien and he accompanies her into the woods? What secrets does the forest hold that connects the small town to her life in London and the brutal attack on her beloved aunt?

If you have any questions about this story, please feel free to leave a comment under this post or on the story on Wattpad and if you enjoy a particular chapter and want to support me then please vote for it and suggest to your followers (those who enjoy this genre).

Hope you enjoy it! :-)

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