Sunday, 20 December 2015

Baking Breaks!

Hey everyone,

Although, I have been participating in some Author Interviews, I have also completed a few more pages of Split Blood 3, however 'Debbie the Doubtful Dragon' appeared on my shoulder and made me rethink half of the pages!

I think I've been on overload for the past few weeks because I've been trying to fit my writing in with marking all my students work, getting the reports done and attending meetings.

Looking at my writing timetable, I tried to keep up with the schedule but wasn't happy with the quality, so I've decided to have a break until after Xmas and go back to it (I will still do some interviews though).

Unfortunately, I get bored very easily and had to do something so I figured I would do a little baking and after two attempts (I don’t think I could get away with the burnt on the outside and raw on the inside first attempt!), I managed to make the cake below...

It's a marble cake (plain and chocolate sponge swirled together) with a chocolate fudge centre, chocolate fudge frosting, chocolate finger walls and grated white chocolate topping!

Not a cake for the faint hearted but definitely worth a little indulgence at times! ;-)

I'm looking for some more cake ideas because its great to relieve some stress and get your mind refocused, so if you guys have any, feel free to comment below.

Happy Holidays and have a Magical Break! ;-)

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