Saturday, 19 December 2015

Author Interview by The Ultimate Fan Blog

Happy Holidays my Magical friends!

I hope you are enjoying the pre festive cheer (if you celebrate Christmas) and if you do not celebrate it, I hope you are having a fun time with your nearest and dearest!

I will be posting more tomorrow, however I would just like to give a big thank you to Lisa at The Ultimate Fan Blog for hosting an interview and I look forward to working with her further in the future.

Even though I have participated in a few interviews in the past, it is still quite nerve-racking to answer the questions to make sure I sound sane and am not trying to shove promotional links down the readers throat!

So far, all the interviewers have been amazing giving me direction and great questions to work with so I feel comfortable revealing more about myself and interests, instead of it fully being focused on my books.

I like to show the person behind the writing, so the readers can see where my influences and inspirations come from and I hope I get that across in these interviews.

I also love to speak with fans, new and current readers and bloggers to answer any of their questions and to speak about other interests (e.g. on my previous interview, a reader commented on his mutual interest in Anime and it was great to connect with him about my favourite Anime films and recommend some that he may enjoy).

So, that is all for tonight and I will be back tomorrow.

Stay Magical, Blessed and Happy! :-)

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