Monday, 30 September 2013

Wattpad Stories

Hey Everyone,

Wattpad is a fantastic way to share and find new stories in a number of genres and I absolutely love speaking to fellow authors on there as not only can you find amazing discussions to get involved in but you can also find lots of inspiration and help with all topics related to writing.

My username on Wattpad is FantasyFairy and I will be giving my followers a sample of some of the books published, however I will also be writing books solely for Wattpad.

I will be posting the links of all my Wattpad Stories on this page, so if you need to know if I have posted a new story or updated a story which is already on there (or if you just wanted to say 'HI') - this is the place to visit!

So if you are a Wattpad Member, then why not:

  • Click on the links below
  • Have a read of my stories on Wattpad
  • Share your thoughts and opinions by making a Comment
  • If you like it don't forget to Vote and; 
  • If you really like my work then why not Follow Me (I always try to follow back!)

My Wattpad Stories (So Far...)

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