Monday, 12 August 2013

Split Blood: Book No. 2...

Hi guys,

This is just an update to let you know that the second book in the 'Split Blood' series is currently being written and although 'writer's block' has made an appearance once or twice, the publication date is still November 2013.

This book will be slightly different to the first book as;
>> there will be new character's introduced,
>> new perspectives from some of the sub characters in the first book,
>> we get to know what happens to Ruby (Faith's best friend),
>> we get a little more insight into Raven and;
>> many other characters come out of the woodwork to help continue this fiery magical exposition of a journey.

I hope you all enjoy the second book when it is published and please remember to leave reviews on the site you purchased the book from and thank you again for all your support so far and I hope you continue to enjoy and support my work on this speedy, magical, 'Split Blood' train!

Thank you my fellow Mythical Beings!

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