Wednesday, 20 March 2013

RIP James Herbert

Being one of my favourite authors, and one who inspired me to start writing, I was shocked and saddened to hear James Herbert died yesterday, aged 69.

I was a little late reading his work (I started in my late teens) but his writing always sent me to the situation he created, usually leaving me wanting to the keep the lights on and jumping at every shadow that appeared!

His descriptive skills were so fantastic that I thought, 'if someone can make my emotions change so quickly, there must be something in this writing stuff'!' lol.

I started to get hooked on James Herbert's books after reading, 'The Rats' but it wasn't until I read, 'Others' that I realised he was in my top 3 favourite authors and that's when I started creating some outlines for my own stories.

I always thought, 'if I could make my readers feel half of emotions I want them to feel when reading my own work, it would feel like a major achievement!' and now hearing this sad news, I really hope this can happen for my future work and would love to dedicate the first book of my next novella trilogy to the man who helped me form the strange worlds and weird characters I write about in my books.

RIP James Herbert, you will be missed! :(

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